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4 Guests

1 Bedroom

4 Beds

1 Bathroom

4 Guests

1 Bedroom

4 Beds

1 Bathroom

There's something about tabletop war-gaming that gets into the blood. From the teenage years of scraping together the pennies for models, to the University spare room conversion (and scraping together the pennies for models!) through to being part of the ever-expanding community of wargamers, there's some things you never get away from. I'm a long-in-the-tooth wargamer, and have spotted something that the UK is missing out on. 

The Hobby Haven

One of the challenges of rolling dice with your friends here in the UK is space - there's plenty of friendly gaming stores you can go to and get a game in. You can set-up a board in your house or garage for a game or two. But few of us have the room to have a dedicated gaming space that allows you to leave your table and models out for an extended period. 

The Hobby Haven is setting out to solve that problem. You have hire the venue for a weekend, and it'll provide everything you need for the ideal gaming experience. No opening hours, no restrictions on food and drink. Tables already set-up. Scenery on site. Bring your models, and let battle commence! 

The setup of the venue is simple - 12 foot of gaming tables and racks of scenery from a variety of eras and game systems, from historical to science fiction. 


Once you're tired of rolling dice, crash out in the lounge area and recount the highs and lows of the day. Just make the most of being around your friends, in an environment that isn't restricted by time or retail conditions. Or make use of our board games - take a break from rolling dice by... rolling some slightly different dice. 

Accommodation is provided in the bunk-room, so gamers can make the most of their "geek retreat". Much better to crawl into bed after a chaotic day, and be there raring to go when morning comes. 

There's a fully fitted kitchen so you can keep yourselves fed throughout, as well as several village pubs nearby.

Weekend Rental for four - £450

Other rental periods available on request

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Main Room

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